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Archive for August 2008

Streamline Your Finances and Make Your Life Easier By Not Hoarding

Published 8/26/08  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

It's not too often that I get to travel overseas to visit my parents, but this time I had to. My dad's job is taking him on a new foreign assignment to another continent, one that might be less accessible, so I decided to make the effort to visit them sooner than later.

Ever since I reached my financial independence milestone and declared freedom from my parents, I've thrived in the openness of my own free will, taking fairly decent care of myself. It's been so long since I've had to live under my parents' shadow and watchful eagle eyes, so having to do so now, even for a few weeks has been rather difficult. I'm not the same little boy who used to depend on my parents' guidance and tutelage when I lived with them, so living with them now is taking some getting used to. Since we've lived so physically apart for numerous years due to the sheer oceanic distances that separate our jobs, I always feel like I need to get to know them again for the first time and get accustomed to their quirky living habits every time I see them. Even for the purposes of a relatively brief couple of weeks stay, I always find I learn something new about them that I didn't notice before (perhaps it's because I get to view them through a refreshed set of perspectives).

What Is Compulsive Hoarding and Why Does It Lead To Excess Clutter and Household Planning Inefficiency?

Having lived with my parents for

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Buying A New Laptop Computer And Getting Rid Of Sony VAIO Bloatware

Published 8/18/08  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

As I grumbled a bit in an earlier personal finance blog post, I'm suffering from a bit of a bout of blogger's block recently. What started out as a torrent of gun-ho, blog posting eager beavery has dwindled to a couch potato-ry display of procrastination and summer slumpery (yes I know, I'm making up words here). However, despite my motivational troubles of late, I made the decision recently to rekindle my blogging business drive. To jump start my previously respectable and focused work at home habits, I decided to force an immediate change of scenery solution to get myself out of my temporary rut - by going on an overseas vacation. Of course, I wouldn't want to head out without the ability to bring my blogging business platform and online writing tools with me - I will require the services of a portable notebook computer.

Since I gave my only existing laptop computer away to my younger brother so he could use it for his new graduate school studies, I decided I needed to go out and buy a new one for myself. As I'm actually in the midst of working my way through one of those supposedly free online laptop gift reward offers at the moment, I debated whether to wait around until I received it before heading off on my trip. At the end, I decided I could always sell the free laptop reward on eBay or Craigslist for extra money some other time in the future. So I decided to go

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Battling Blogger Burn Out and Lack Of Blog Posting Frequency

Published 8/14/08  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

The past few weeks have been tough on me as an aspiring full time blogger. After almost a full year of nearly regular blog posts and after months of practicing fairly consistent writing habits, I've finally been smitten with the ailment that inevitably afflicts all bloggers and online entrepreneurs at some point or another - blogger burn out. Blogger's block, as the affliction is commonly called, is basically the lack of motivation and sudden depletion of new ideas found in those suffering from writer's block, except it affects those who blog online for alternative side income or for amusement. However, in my case, it's not the lack of new article writing ideas or lack of potential subjects to opine about, but rather the summer laziness feeling that has made it nearly impossible for me to stay self driven and self motivated. I actually have a spiral notebook that I keep around and regularly update. The notepad contains all my various scribbled down notes and ideas as they come to me. With hundreds of personal finance article writing topics and self jotted potential leads to inspire me, it's rarely a matter of running out of ideas - I have plenty of them - it's actually the drive and daily motivation to actually sit down and put fingers to keyboard that's the feet dragging hurdle for myself at the moment. When it comes to running a side business in the nature of self employment, one must have a consistent way to stay focused and stay driven, working

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Stop Writing Checks and Start Banking Online To Avoid Identity Theft

Published 8/7/08  (Modified 3/9/11)

By MoneyBlueBook

Ask yourself this question - when was the last time you balanced your checkbook? Do you even know what balancing a���� checkbook entails? The fact of the matter is, writing checks and issuing payments in the form of paper checks is a steadily dying practice, thanks to the tremendous growth of the Internet and all of the new fangled technological advancements in the area of electronic and automated telephone banking (even phone banking is getting phased out in favor of the web). Much the same way the future of newspapers and the outlook of traditional forms of written news are being called into serious question, and much the same way they are being slowly rendered irrelevant by the overwhelming convenience and cost efficient benefits of the World Wide Web, so too will the practice of check writing and manually balancing accounts ultimately go the way of the dodo bird.

Personally, I can barely recall the last time I actually went through the hassle of balancing my checkbook manually. The tedious bean counting practice of manually comparing my own personal account records with the recordation information provided by monthly bank statements is simply not something I've readily adopted over the years. The last time was probably in high school when my mom sought to teach me about basic account management by forcing me to watch her go through the motion of recording transactions neatly on the gridded transaction register that comes with each set of checks. But other than that first initial

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Review Of The Balance Transfer For Life Offer From Discover Card

Published 8/3/08  (Modified 12/10/13)

By MoneyBlueBook

I'm what you would call a credit card arbitrager. What that means is that one of my hobbies and passions is to seek out ways to maximize my money, particularly in the area of credit card reward programs. It's not just credit card sign up bonuses and cashback rewards that I aim to maximize either - it's also such credit card perks as balance transfer offers. 0% balance transfer credit cards are used by many, including myself for a variety of financial planning purposes. While some anti-credit card personal finance commentators frequently rally against the use of credit cards altogether, blaming them for the out of control credit card debt problem we have in this country, I personally cite the lack of proper financial education and abandonment of personal responsibility and accountability for the majority of credit card debt related troubles on the part of consumers.

Credit Cards Offer Valuable Benefits For Arbitrage Chasers, But They Should Be Used Wisely and Selectively

While not perfectly analogous, one can compare the benefits and utility of credit cards to that of an automobile. Both are powerful tools that can help people enhance their lives and get them to their target destination, whether real life or financial. However, both, if utilized improperly or irresponsibly, can potentially cause serious damage to oneself and to others. If you drive your vehicle while inebriated or intoxicated, or if you disregard the legal speed limit and swerve around the highways recklessly, you are bound to not only harm others, but injure yourself

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