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I've Given Up On Having A Paid Costco Membership

Published 10/28/07 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Well after a few years of having Costco membership, I've finally decided not to renew it anymore. The cost savings I got from buying in bulk simply wasn't adding up to justify the membership fee. I love their cheap tasty pizzas but I'm fed up with having to drive such a long way to get to the nearest store and having to put up with the extremely long lines at the checkout counters. At Costco, I probably end up spending more money than I ordinarily would, buying products that I ordinarily wouldn't buy, and wasting more time waiting in line than I would at a nearby grocery store, like Giant or Safeway. I think they are a great company, but they need to open up more stores and organize a quicker checkout system.

Buying in Bulk Is Only Worth It For Large Families Or Those Who Have A Need To Shop In Large Quantities

I currently do not have my own family so buying in massive bulk doesn't make too much sense for me. If I was married with kids that might be a different story since the kids would probably help to consume everything.

Most of the items at Costco come in huge portion sizes and you often end up buying mega size items that you wouldn't ordinarily buy. Have you seen the size of their cereal boxes? It's huge! Yes, buying in bulk allows you to spend less money per serving but it's only worth it if you are able to consume it within a reasonable time. Buying in such huge bulk for things like food locks you up for a while to that particular brand. I always feel like I must finish the product before I can move on to another brand. It's just not for me anymore

Costco Branch Locations Are Limited and Too Far Away

Unlike regular grocery stores, Costco only has a few branches in my area of Washington D.C. Whenever I go, I have to plan my trip because it's a decent distance away. With grocery stores, they are everywhere and whenever I need to buy anything I can get to one in a few minutes.

The Lines Are Way Too Long

Shopping at Costco works the same way as any other grocery store. The problem comes when it's time to check out. Due to my work schedule, I can only visit during weekend peak times when Costco is most jammed pack with shoppers. I always encounter a chaotic traffic jam of oversized Costco shopping carts jousting for position at checkout. There is almost always a bottleneck that restricts the flow of cart traffic near the checkout counters that frustrates me. There is no express line so I'm always forced to wait and wait. Other grocery stores now offer self checkout scanning, a much more convenient and quicker option.

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