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List Of MyFICO Promotion Codes and Discounts

Published 5/18/09 (Modified 3/22/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Updated List Of FICO Discounts and Free FICO Score Offers Below!

Welcome to my FICO coupon deals, promotional discounts, and exclusive myFICO.com web bargains page. Here you will find a regularly updated list of myFICO coupons and promo codes to help you save money on genuine FICO score products. To ensure that you get credit for the myFICO promotion offer that you seek, make sure to visit the desired link below and follow the appropriate coupon redemption instructions. Also, it would be of great help to myself and fellow readers if you'd post a comment below about any new myFICO.com coupon codes or special discount offers not already listed, as well as bring to our attention any myFICO promo codes mentioned below that may have already expired.

As we all know, credit scores are numerical representations of credit worthiness, and are one of the most determinative factors that mortgage lenders and major banks base their approval decisions on. While there are several credit score variations out there, the most popular and widely used is the FICO. As American consumers, we each have a total of 3 FICO credit scores - one from each of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion). While the three FICO scores are derived from the same proprietary formula, differences in credit reporting data often cause the individual scores to differ somewhat from each other. Routinely checking one's credit score (whether via a credit monitoring program or via manual credit score pulls) is a recommended activity in this modern day and age. Regularly monitoring my FICO credit score is one of the ways I keep a close pulse on this very integral part of my personal financial life. Knowing where you stand in the eyes of potential lenders is particularly crucial when you are in the process of applying for credit-based products like home mortgages, car loans, or even balance transfer credit cards. It's also a very effective and pro-active way to prevent identity theft and be informed of any unauthorized or fraudulent access to one's credit accounts.

Save Money On MyFICO Credit Scores With FICO Promo Codes and Coupons

Current federal laws give all American consumers annual access to their free credit reports from each one of the 3 major credit bureaus of Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. However, while personal credit reports are available free of charge, FICO credit scores derived from the credit data found on these reports are not. If you want your FICO score, you generally have to pay extra for it. Fortunately, there are currently a variety of ways for savvy consumers to enjoy up to 20-30% discount savings off of their FICO score purchases with the use of FICO promo codes. There are even a few arbitrage ways for resourceful consumers to snag free FICO scores by taking advantage of special trial offers.

Presently, authentic Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion FICO scores can only be obtained from the official myFICO.com website or via an authorized partner. While Equifax and TransUnion FICO's are freely available for purchase, those looking to obtain their Experian FICO scores will note that they are no longer readily provided to consumers. Due to a major contractual dispute between myFICO and the Experian credit reporting agency, myFICO authorities have discontinued the sale of Experian FICO's to consumers. For now at least, consumers will have to make do with what's available. Most of us should be able to reasonably compensate by requesting the other two FICO's via Equifax and TransUnion. Knowing your scores based on Equifax and TransUnion data ought to give you a fairly accurate approximation of where you likely stand with Experian as well, barring any significant credit report discrepancies or errors.

Special limited time discounts and exclusive FICO promo codes are frequently released by myFICO.com. A list of verified and updated codes and discount coupons have been provided in the table below. Please visit the desired coupon links to make your credit score product purchase. The myFICO promotional codes should appear automatically in your online shopping cart during the check out process. In the event the coupon has expired or has not been automatically inserted into your checkout page, please manually insert a working myFICO promo code into the correct box to ensure that you get credit for it.

List Of The Best myFICO Promotional Discount Deals (Expiration Varies)

MyFICO Offer Name
MyFICO Coupon Code
30% off entire myFICO.com orderMYFICOIS8
20% off all myFICO credit score productsCPPSAVINGS
20% off a FICO score & credit reportFICOMAY20
20% off Suze Orman's MyFICO Platinum KitSUZEFKP
15% off any myFICO credit productUNIONPLUS
10% off any purchase of myFICO StandardSPOUSE4993
10% off entire myFICO orderMYFICO132
Free FICO Score via MyFICO Credit Score WatchFree 30 Day Trial
Free FICO (Equifax) and 3 Free Credit ReportsFree 30 Day Trial
Free FICO Credit Score EstimatorFree Credit Score

In case you are are not entirely familiar with the different myFICO credit score packages mentioned above, here is a quick summary overview:

  1. myFICO Score Watch - There is a free 30 day trial with the FICO Score Watch program. Simply sign up and cancel within 30 days, and you'll walk away with a free FICO credit score. This is the online tool I use to continuously monitor my FICO credit score changes. I like how it charts my FICO profile changes over time and gives me continuous and unlimited access to my FICO on demand. With this offer, you also get 2 free credit reports a year from Equifax. For more information, check out myFICO review.
  2. myFICO Score Standard - You get your choice of a single official FICO credit score and credit report from Equifax or TransUnion. This is probably the most popular option for those looking for a home or car loan right now and just need to know their FICO credit rating as it currently stands. Price is $15.95 - but can be easily reduced with one of the discount codes above.
  3. Suze Orman's FICO Kit Platinum - This is basically the former myFICO Credit Complete package but with extra commentary by popular financial guru Suze Orman. With the Suze Orman FICO kit, you get your FICO scores and credit reports from Equifax and TransUnion, along with extra media material to help you better plan out your credit-based life, with particular attention given towards home and car buying decisions, and extras on how to get out of credit card debt. Price is $49.95. Don't forget to use one of the 10% to 30% codes to reduce the price.
  4. myFICO Quarterly Monitoring - With the FICO Quarterly Monitoring package, myFICO will track your TransUnion FICO score and credit report for you (a useful anti-identity theft feature). You'll also receive 4 FICO scores and 4 reports every year through TransUnion. Currently, the price is: $4.95 per month or $49.95 per year. Remember to use myFICO promo codes to maximize your discount savings.

As always, please let me know if there are any more myFICO savings deals or exclusive FICO promo codes out there!

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