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Reviews Of The Best Advanta Business Credit Cards and Offers

Published 12/4/08 (Modified 3/9/11)
By MoneyBlueBook

Updated List Of The Best Advanta Credit Card Offers and Applications For Small Businesses Below

Compared to its bigger financial rivals like Citibank, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, American Express, or even Discover, Advanta Bank has been a relative unknown in the credit card and banking industry. However, over the years, Advanta has gradually and quietly built itself up to become a major niche market issuer of business credit cards. What started out humbly as a small financial operation from Pennsylvania that provided personal loans to teachers has transformed into a major (albeit not particularly well known) player of the small business credit card industry. Currently, Advanta Bank focuses on the small business market, and the company primarily gears its efforts towards creating credit card and banking products that fit the needs and appeal of small business start ups, aspiring entrepreneurs, and growing companies. Along with being one of the largest, if not the largest provider of small business credit cards, Advanta also offers a diversified variety of bank deposit products that include FDIC insured savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificate of deposits.

Advanta Is One Of A Very Few Number Of Major Credit Card Issuers That Exclusively Service The Business Credit Card Market

Advanta's exclusive focus on the small business market seems to differentiate it well from the other major card issuers that have a tendency to over saturate the market with too many confusing financial products that are heavily advertised and promoted, but don't always fulfill the appropriate small business need. The best targeted strengths of Advanta issued credit cards are their low fixed interest rates, long term balance transfer deals (15 months or more), and generous cash back credit card reward and rebate programs that feature no reward earning caps. Currently, all Advanta credit cards offer at a bare minimum, the ability to earn at least 1 reward point per dollar spent on business purchases, redeemable for rebate rewards like cash, free travel, gift cards, merchandise and more.

Small business owners, corporate start ups, or sole proprietorships looking to organize their business expenditures onto a single credit card program may want to evaluate and review Advanta for themselves as a possible business credit contender. Having a dedicated business credit card offers unique and tailored benefits not offered by regular consumer cards, including substantially higher credit limits and much more attractive purchase reward incentives. Typical free and time saving business card benefits such as itemized employee expense tracking, and online tools for credit card accounting and bookkeeping are also included. Additional free business benefits include the function to add additional employee credit cards to the account, order personalized checks, create customized expense reports, view and pay Advanta bills online, and perform promotional balance transfers.

In its efforts to introduce small business credit card products that fit the needs of business owners as well as fulfill other potentially worthy public interest objectives, Advanta has recently launched the Kiva Business 4 Business Project, fashioning credit card offers that not only allow cardholders to earn cash back credit card rewards, but at the same time promote charitable card reward donation for aspiring entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses in the developing world in the form of matching Advanta-Kiva loan grants.

For Regular Consumers Interested In Advanta Offers, Keep In Mind That Even Non-Business Owners Can Apply For A Business Credit Card

Business credit cards offer noticeably better benefits compared to regular consumer cards, including much higher spending limits and much more lucrative credit card reward programs. However, while many ordinary consumers may be attracted to the benefits of business cards, some may be reluctant to pursue or apply due to their lack of ownership in an actual business. Dispelling the myth, one of the most common misconceptions about business credit cards is that only actual small business owners or those who have applied and received an Employer Identification Number (EIN) can qualify for a business credit card - that presumption is false. In actuality, anyone can legitimately qualify for a business card, as non business owners can apply for business credit cards without automatic disqualification. All the card applicant has to do is apply for the business credit card utilizing his or her Social Security Number (SSN) as the application form-requested business identification number. When individuals apply for business cards using their SSN without having a EIN, they are simply applying as a sole proprietorship, which is simply any business operation with just a single member, regardless of actual income or profits. There is no legal prerequisite to call yourself a sole proprietorship and no paper work is involved. Simply using your personal name as the name of the business will suffice for business credit card application purposes.

Reviews Of The Top Advanta Business Credit Cards With Rewards and Balance Transfer Offers:

1) Advanta Platinum Unlimited Rewards BusinessCard - With the Advanta Platinum Unlimited Rewards card, not only do you get an introductory 15 month, 0% APR offer for balance transfers, you also earn 1% reward rebates on all card purchases that are redeemable for cash, airline travel, and merchandise. Along with the usual business credit card benefits, the Unlimited Rewards card is customizable with your company's name on the top of the card. There is also no annual fee.

2) Advanta Customizable Platinum Business Card With Unlimited Rewards - The customizable Advanta Platinum Unlimited Reward card is the same as the regular version in the way of terms and conditions except you have additional customizable options at your disposal, such as the ability to personalize the card with your company's name, trademark logo, or colors. As with most Advanta business cards, you also get a 15 month, 0% balance transfer introductory offer, along with the ability to earn unlimited 1% purchase rebates. There is no annual fee.

3) Advanta Business World Master Card - This particular business card offer from Advanta is first and foremost very purchase reward centered, allowing you to earn 1% reward rebate on all purchases with an additional bonus of 50% worth of extra reward points every year. In regards to reward point redemption, there is no cap on the cumulative rewards that can be earned and accrued, and there are no airline travel restrictions or blackout dates for reward flight redemption. There is also no preset spending limit or annual fee with this card.

4) Advanta Net 90 Platinum Business Card - Always creating new products for small business customers, Advanta presents the 90 day grace period business card that allows consumers and small business owners the ability to enjoy continuous and recurring 90 days worth of 0% interest free purchases. This is not an introductory limited time offer, but a permanent no interest feature that allows you to pay 0% APR for 3 months automatically after all credit card purchases made on your account. This business reward credit card also earns 1% back with a generous credit limit and no annual fee.

5) Advanta Kiva Business Card - With the Advanta-Kiva Business credit card, you'll not only earn purchase rewards for yourself, but all earned rewards that you contribute as a charitable donation to the Kiva charity will be matched by Advanta, and sent out to help small growing businesses in developing countries. The public interest minded Kiva organization provides micro loan grants to help fund entrepreneurs and small business start ups in less developed areas of the world. Cardholders also get to earn a 5% bonus statement credit on the first $1,200 each year spent on Kiva grants, charitable donations, and other eligible purchases. The Kiva card also provides an attractive 0% balance transfer offer for an industry leading 15 months, with no annual fee.

6) Advanta Kiva Credit Card For Business Professionals - This particular Kiva credit card offer from Advanta Bank is designed for non business owning professionals who want to earn credit card rewards for their purchases but at the same time do some public good by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses in less fortunate countries through the Kiva charity via micro loan grants. As a charitable incentive, Advanta will match the micro loan charitable contributions offered up and donated by the cardholder accrued from his or her Advanta credit card purchase rewards. The card also offers Advanta's popular 15 month, 0% APR balance transfer offer with a low fixed interest rate thereafter. This Advanta Kiva credit card also allows cardholders to earn .25% cash back rebate on purchases up to a full 1% back, with no annual fee to worry about.

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